Ziel X-pro 10×34

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The binoculars Ziel X-PRO 34 presents a lens diameter of 34mm is available in two colors (black and green) e two magnifications (8x and 10x).

The Ziel X-PRO 34 binoculars with roof prisms BAK4, made of barium crown glass, offers the highest possible performance in terms of image quality and sharpness.
The wide field of view is very useful in many situations, especially for observing moving scenes.

The innovative mechanical structure with "central window" makes this instrument particularly light, practical to hold and comfortable to carry.
Thanks to the ergonomic coating, knurled at the edges, in shockproof rubber, the binoculars have a stable and secure grip in any situation and activity.
L'large central knob allows focusing even with the use of gloves. Pleasant to the touch and comfortable even for prolonged observations. It presents the possibility of being mounted on a photographic tripod (purchasing a common adapter separately) through the special central screw.
Can be used in extreme temperature and usage conditions.
All binoculars in the Ziel range allow you to compensate for differences in vision between the right eye and the left eye. By adjusting the compensation perfectly, it will no longer be necessary to make further adjustments and it will only be necessary to act on the central knob to change the observation distance.

This instrument has the right size for those who need greater brightness than the Ziel X-PRO 26 model and at the same time, less space occupied than binoculars with a diameter of 42mm (Z-CAI 42, X-PRO 42).

The binoculars Ziel X-PRO 34 and all other binoculars from Ziel PRO range is Z-CAI, are equipped with systems anti-fog and of waterproofing.
These two features allow you to have a perfect view even in the presence of humidity and protect the internal elements from bad weather.

Ziel X-PRO 34 binoculars are equipped with dedicated packaging, soft shoulder strap for transport and microfibre for cleaning.
Ideal for multiple outdoor activities such as: archery, bird watching, trekking, hiking, traveling, hunting and fishing.

Technical features

  • Lens diameter: 34mm
  • BAK-4 roof prisms
  • Wide angle optics
  • Lens treatment: Multi Green System anti-reflection
  • Fogproof
  • Waterproof
  • Retractable eyepieces
  • Tripod mount
  • Dimensions: 126x45x130mm
  • Weight: 430g
  • Studied in Italy

220,00 VAT included