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We have thought of a short guide to be able to buy the products on our brand new store. We bet you will be able to complete an order in minutes? Let's start!

On our site you can buy without registering, or during the creation of the order, you can create an account.

First of all, enter the shop.

Choose the product you prefer, the one you were looking for, or the machine your boyfriend likes. Now click on Add to Cart.

At the top, one will appear green bar where the will be notified. To the right of this bar, you can click on view the cart (or you can click on the envelope to the right of the menu).

The cart

The page of shopping cart summarizes the products you are going to buy. I'm also indicate shipping costs. Here you can also enter promotional codes, if you have one. When you have checked everything, click on complete order.

The case

In the case, if not you entered before, you have the option to enter a promotional code. Enter all your data, you can leave the optional fields empty, choose whether to receive the goods atbilling address or receive it in another place (specify these data). Can insert a note with special requests.

Now you can choose whether to receive the goods via Courier service or pick it up in the office.

There are two payment methods: Bank transfer is PayPal. Choose the one you prefer and click on place order.

If you've chosen Bank transfer, the order will enter the waiting state and you will be taken to a page with the summary data of the order and data to make the transfer. If you've chosen PayPal, order will be processed and we will order the goods as soon as possible to deliver it to the address you have chosen (or we will send you an e-mail for availability at the time of collection).

That's all! Did it seem difficult to you?

Good buy on our site 🙂

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